Hello Friends of Healing Harvest,

Well, we have all made it through another year, congratulations to each of you that receive this letter. Since most of the folks on our mailing list are hard working and genuine I think we share the reality that life isn’t easy, but very rewarding in dignity and happiness. Somehow I wish I could express something more meaningful than just Happy Holidays, but that is about all words allow in this moment. Tis the season!

Around this time of year we start getting solicitation letters from every NGO and cause we encounter in life. They all are quite worthy causes and efforts and I wish each success and continued progress toward their goals. Our attempts to gain support through these letters has always been minimum, but nonetheless we feel it is appropriate that we throw our hardhat in the ring too. (Especially if we can do it electronically – read cheaper than stamps!)

HHFF is a tiny organization that has maintained 501c3 non-profit public charity status for 12 years now. The mission, goals and objectives have not changed from the onset and we slowly grow the numbers of practitioners despite not applying for grants or having a single source of support. We are the only 501c3 that promotes the use of draft animal power to serve the public good through the practice of restorative forestry and community based systems of addressing human needs for forest products. This is quite remarkable given the difficulty of gaining support for a small obscure group that doesn’t really fit into any category precisely. The work of educating the public as to the benefits of restorative forestry through worst first single tree selection and modern animal powered extraction has continued through mostly volunteer efforts. Countless individuals have given their time, goods, services, some cash and talents to this process and we are so grateful for their efforts and contributions. We’ll still here, thanks to all of you!

We have brought this work to a level that has gained local, national and international recognition. It has been a combined effort of many, including those reading this, that simply talk about “horse logging”. What was once an anachronistic, nostalgic niche, is now seen by many, as a viable option in communities where a HHFF trained Biological Woodsman lives and works. There needs to be more. So if you do any charitable giving, send checks to:

HHFF Admin
8014 Bear Ridge Rd. 
Copper Hill, Va. 24079

Questions, comments or recommendations please call.

Warm Salute,
Jason Rutledge ~ 540-651-6355

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